Re: Matte Translucent Film for inkjet printer, can someone recommend?

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I think the vellums are going to always give you a problem with

Have you considered some of the really nice Japanese rice papers? They would
look very nice for what you want and if you experiment a bit with the media
choices, you should get a good job. I have run large pieces of rice paper
through my 44" large format printer with no problem—except that the print head
moves very fast and creates a vacuum effect that can suck the lightweight rice
paper up into the printhead path and basically you end up with a wad of ink
smeared rice paper.

The Rice Paper may handle fine in your printer. If you have a large format
printer, you can adjust the paper suction too.

Also—if you run into problems feeding, I highly suggest taping the leading
edge of the rice paper to a more firm support paper—a bit of extra work, but it
often works like a charm for light papers like this.

Best Wishes,
Mark Nelson
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> What paper profiles did you tried for translucent vellum? For that paper,
> you may try a matte paper profile + (if driver incorporates such a feature)
> you may try to lovering the ink settings for each color (I have such
> settings in the "Advanced" section of my 1290 driver). Maybe ink won't
> puddle that way...
> Regards,
> Loris.
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> Subject: Matte Translucent Film for inkjet printer, can someone recommend?
> Dear List, I am making a small edition artist book of images that overlays
> thoughout all of the pages of the book. I tried printing on inkjet acetate
> paper, and although the prints looked good the acetate surface is too hard
> and glossy for the look that I want so I thought that something like a
> translucent Mylar would work better. I also tried translucent vellum but the
> ink puddle on it. A friend suggested Polyester Matte Translucent film for
> inkjet printer, but the papers that I found so far are either opaque film or
> unsuitable for printing digital photos well.
> Can anyone recommend something translucent/trasparent, that is not shiny and
> can print well using an inkjet printer?
> Thanks so much!
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