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> Does that mean the Imagesetters will be gone as
> well? Arenít
> they Agfa?
   Imagesetters and other digital stuff are made by the
original Agfa-Gevaert Co., what is closing is a company
called Agfa Photo which was spun off and sold to an investor
because it was not profitable. This company got the
traditional Agfa photographic materials. The market for
these materials has not stabilized and is still shrinking.
The current owner of Agfa Photo is an investor who evidently
thought he could make the company profitable enough to sell
it at a profit. This hasn't worked. The reports say that
there will be an attempt to sell off parts of Agfa Photo but
even this may be difficult because Agfa-Gevaert still owns
the trade mark so buyers would not be able to use it. The
only buyer to show any interest at all is Fuji but they want
only the photofinishing equipment. There doesn't seem much
hope that Agfa Photo will survive.

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