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Oddly enough, I have just been reading the 1943 issue of the BJP
Almanac and the recommendation for prevention of developer poisoning
and staining of the fingers is to keep a dilute solution of
hydrochloric acid by your trays and dipping the fingertips into the
sol'n on a regular basis.

The dilution recommended is 20 drops of pure acid in 20 oz.s of water.
Dip before commencing and fairly frequently during developing.

And before your next B.B. King concert, an ointment composed of:

Ichthyol 10 grs
Lanoline 40 grs
Boric acid 40 grs
Vaseline 30 grs

will ensure a beneficial effect in repairing the affected skin.

"Apply two or three times a day, and rub well in before retiring at



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