Finally making that first small step

From: William Barnett-Lewis ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 10/21/05-08:45:17 PM Z
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I've been lurking on the list for some time, absorbing the information
as I can, archiving 90% of the posts for future reference. I hope to
do prints on POP with negs from my Speed Graphic eventually. In the
meantime, today I finally made my first baby step towards actually
doing what you folks do by mixing up 3 liters (in a US gallon jug) of
homemade fixer (just hypo and Sodium Sulfite, for stability, in
water). I realize this isn't anything too special, but it's nice to
make a start on getting to a place where my camera is not held hostage
to certain companies staying in business... :) Saving money in the
process (by buying 20 lbs. of hypo!) isn't a bad incentive either.
Fixer is cheap, but it can be even cheaper... :)

Thanks for the inspiration.


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                              Alex White
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