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MessageNot all films work well with cross processing in my very limited experience. The best results do seem come from E6 film in C41 chemicals rather than the other way around and over exposure is necessary. I had some success with Kodak IR (E6) in C41 which I printed through an orange mask from a blank colour neg film.

Of course you could fake it with Photoshop from negs or trannies- Adobe Photoshop 6.0 for Photographers on pages 346-348 describes the process and has curves and no doubt later editions do too. The pics in the book look convincing and you could make your digi negs from there maybe. I'd be happy to send you the details off list if its useful to you.



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  Does anyone know where I can find out information about printing from cross-processed slide film? I have shot on Fuji Sensia film, and have really really green negs. I've been trying to print from them with absolutely no success whatsoever and I'm sooooooooooooo sick of it - have used about 1/2 pack of colour paper! Even sandwiching with blank colour film isn't really helping. I seem to get red-biassed prints with no density in the shadows. I want to make my own prints so I can scan them and make diginegs for gum, so I guess this is alt-related enough??? Someone out there must know something - I have looked on the web and nobody talks about printing, only exposing and processing. Books are less than helpful and everyone I know who has cross-processed this film has given up trying to print it....but the LAB did o.k. with it!

  Meanwhile, I've also made 7 (yes, 7) large silver emulsion prints so at least I've had SOME fun.....

  Thanks in advance

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