Re: Acceptable Chemical Grades For Alt?

From: Judy Seigel ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 10/21/05-01:24:53 PM Z
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>>>> When is it OK? When, when you ask? It's never okay! You must clear all
> your chemicals through Karl Shah -Jenner on the list for Imaging
> professionals, instructors and students!>>>

Actually, Steve, Karl Shah-Jenner was my student 20 years ago, and IMO
knows diddle about alt (in fact I flunked him). The actual certifiable
real truth about chemicals is that these formulas were devised when all
chemicals came with hairpins and chicken feed mixed in -- that is, were
EXTREMELY unpure. If you used reagent grade they'd probably explode.

As for what "Polaroid" or anyone else advises -- how often have you used
canned food after the "sell by" date and found it perfectly fine? This
doesn't hold for, say, dairy products, or others that need refrigeration,
and doesn't mean "bad" chemicals can't be shipped (I've had some from
companies I won't mention here, including Kodak). But if the *color* of
the chemical is what it's supposed to be (pot ferricyanide should NOt be
full of big yellow lumps, for instance), odds are 100 to 1 it's good --
for alt.

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