From: Judy Seigel ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 10/21/05-12:53:10 PM Z
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On Mon, 17 Oct 2005, Loris Medici wrote:

> I didn't understand the issue with fixer... You're saying if I try to
> fix an extra 1 min. I may get more Dmax? I don't experience bleaching
> when fixing my VDB prints (maybe because I use a very weak fixer -
> albeit change it every 3 or 4 prints - and fix for a very short time)...

My fuzz control is on my other server, so if I answered this, please
excuse... My thought was simply that the longer the fix, the more
bleaching (or so my tests showed -- yours might not). I also found that 1
minute bleach seemed sufficient, I only added 1/2 or 1 minute for "good

Therefore wondered if a *shorter* fix might give adequate D-max...

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