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Date: 10/20/05-05:09:21 PM Z
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>>>I've been making paper since 1985 and that is what I use for my alt
photos. I do use and internal sizing agent but also always use gelatin
as my external size. It works well for and both my cyanotypes and gum
prints. The paper holds up beautifully during printing processes and
look good after several years framed.

I use Knox, thoroughly immerse the paper, blot (so as not to have
drips), let dry. And I just let it harden for a couple of weeks. I've
been told by a "guru" in papermaking that gelatin naturally hardens
with time, no need for hardener.

I've read some talk here that gelatin is not necessarily good. I
wonder what that is about?>>>

You might visit This is a site owned by James Browning, an excellent dye transfer printer. He discusses gelatin, coating film, and other useful topics in his PDF file, free for the downloading.

Jim makes his own matrix film and he designed and built his own high-tech laser film scanner. If there is any process that demands precision and accurate control, it is the DT process.

If you want to know about making exceedingly high quality emulsions, coatings, print making, he is the fella to talk to. You can also join the yahoo dye transfer group. Lots of experts populate that list.

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