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When is it OK? When, when you ask? It's never okay! You must clear all
your chemicals through Karl Shah -Jenner on the list for Imaging
professionals, instructors and students!

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Subject: Acceptable Chemical Grades For Alt?

> "Generally"...where and when is it OK to use the lowest grades (technical)
> as opposed to the highest grades (A.C.S ) when making emulsions and other
> solutions in alt photography. Where can I save money and where to I need
> to
> buy only the best. In a perfect world I'd use the purest of everything but
> how much do the lower grades actually affect the outcome of a print?
> Archival Standards? e.g. Silver Nitrate Technical is close to half the
> price
> of A.C.S. grade is there a visible difference?
> Chemical Grades
> 1. A.C.S. (American Chemical Society), Highest purity.
> 2. Reagent, almost or equal to A.C.S.
> 3. U.S.P. (U.S. Pharmacoepia) acceptable for drug use.
> 4. N.F. (National Formulary)
> 5. Lab, pure enough for "educational use".
> 6. Purified
> 7. Technical, for industrial use.
> ~m
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