Iron Blue Bleed/Stain

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Date: 10/19/05-10:40:48 AM Z
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The formula I used is the Ansco/GAF 241 iron blue cited in both Anchell's Darkroom Cookbook and Rudman's Toning Book. The formula calls for 265ml 28% aceteic acid/liter. As I keep glacial, and not 28%, I used 80 ml. I have also successfully used 8g FAC, 8g PF and 1 liter of distilled white vinegar (I figger about 8% acetic.)
Since the suggestion was too much acid, I tried another formula this morning while my students took their first quarter exam. I used the Liam Lawless formula from Post-Factory #4 (also quoted in Rudman.)
It has much less of everything per liter when diluted and sulfuric instead of acetic acid. The difference was huge. Lawless blue was brighter, stronger, deeper and faster, with less staining (most of which cleared out in the wash.) There was none of the gory bleeding at all. Lawless blue is a go.
But I still don't know why Ansco/GAF 241 worked with my old Ferric Ammonium Citrate, but not anymore.
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