wide-angle lens for 4x5

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Date: 10/18/05-04:36:35 PM Z
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Hi, I had sent this thread earlier but it never posted or at least I never
received it back....jc ..

         I had purchased a 75mm f 4.5 Rodenstock Grandngon N..... The big
advantage to this lens is that its f 4.5 aperture is fast( good for low
light , the lens is light weight and small compared to others ( great for
backpacking) and only takes a 67 mm filter which was consistent with my
other lenses................ ( Some wide angle lenses take 105 mm filters
which start at about $150 each and you can get into some serious money for
a graduated filter($500+......)........
       The reason I chose a 75 mm is that it gives me the widest angle of
view I can get with out distortion or fish eye effect.... ...... It has a
195 mm image circle compared to the 161 mm needed to cover the 4x5 film.
It does cut down on my movements compared to a 90 mm but I still have about
1/2 inch up or down and side to side ...........So if your back is against
the wall it is a good choice.
      The Schneider 72mmXL f 5.6 has a 226 mm image circle so if your
doing serious architectural you may want to consider that or go to the 90mm
size..........The 90mm Grandagon N has a 226 mm image circle.

John Cremati
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