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Hi Richard,

at the end I found a reference related to the "Handbook" IV/1 in "Reilly, James M. The Albumen & Salted Paper Book: The history and practice of photographic printing, 1840-1895. Light Impressions Corporation. Rochester, 1980" on (where the "History" is mentioned too). Cite:

> Josef Maria Eder and Fritz Wentzel, Die photographischen Kopirverfahren mit Silbersalzen (Positiv-Prozess), Wilhelm Knapp, Halle (1928). This book, which is also known as Book IV, Part I of the 3rd edition of J.M. Eder's multivolume Ausfuhrliches Handbuch der Photographie is the most complete technical and historical account of silver printing-out processes ever written. Unfortunately, it has never been translated into English. It and the references cited in it are the source of a great deal of the material in The Albumen and Salted Paper Book. Editions previous to the 1928 edition were authored by Eder alone, but thanks to the efforts of Dr. Fritz Wentzel, the 1928 edition is the largest and most complete. <

So it is likely that Judy is right and only the "History" was translated.

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