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hi michael,

can't really say as i've only used the formula with tween already added, but i will note that yes, it seems to take more solution to evenly coat that you would think. the variable i have noticed that helps the most is proper ambient humidity when you coat. if it is lower than 40%, i've had a rough time.


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>Does the addition of Tween 20 cause an emulsion to really absorb quickly
>into the paper? The reason I'm asking is that I cooked up a batch of
>Argyrotype emulsion last night and it seems that I require double the
>emulsion to coat the same area as compared to say VDB or Cyano. I added
>about .20 ml per 100 ml of solution during the preparation as suggested by
>Ware's formula. I'm wondering if I should have heeded the advice to add it
>prior to coating. What's the consensus about the addition of Tween 20 and
>Argyrotype? Thx.
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