Re: AccuArt2 transparencies vs. Pictorico OHP

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Date: 10/17/05-09:09:48 AM Z
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Hi Dave,

The Pictorico website only offers the U.S. standard of 8.5" x 11" and
13" x 19" in sheet film. So far those, at least, have stayed the same.

I'm mostly concerned if the OHP roll stock has somehow been reformulated
to accommodate being on a roll or whatever, since AccuArt2 was touted as
being the same stuff, but quite certainly is not.


On 10/17/2005, "David & Jan Harris" <>

>This sounds like the most recent batch of "Pictorico OHP" I bought in the
>UK; this batch was A4 rather than 8.5x11". The material was thinner than
>previous Pictorico I had bought, more susceptible to scratching, pizza
>wheels, etc and seemed to hold less ink. I wonder if the AccuArt2 material
>is being repackaged as Pictorico OHP here?
>I have since switched to Agfa Copyjet which is cheaper, less susceptible to
>scratching and holds more ink.
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>Subject: AccuArt2 transparencies vs. Pictorico OHP
>> Hi All,
>> Remember AccuArt2 transparencies? This was the stuff allegedly made by
>> Pictorico but sold under a different name until Pictorico got their
>> marketing act together. Well, I bought a roll of the AccuArt2 knowing
>> that it had a "slightly" thinner coating on it, according to the people
>> who were distributing it about a year ago. I never really compared it
>> with the standard Pictorico OHP stock until recently.
>> I'd have to say it has about 1/3 less thickness than Pictorico OHP, and
>> resulted in, I'm guessing, 15-20% less density, based on some nylon
>> plates I had to reshoot. Rather dramatic difference for a "slightly"
>> thinner product.
>> Does anyone have any recent experience buying Pictorico OHP on the roll
>> directly from Pictorico? Is it more like the sheet stock they sell? I
>> hope so. I feel like AccuArt2 was misrepresented by their distributors
>> as being Pictorico OHP, with only a slight difference.
>> Jon
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