Toning VDB before fixing with selenium

From: Stane Kocar ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 10/17/05-04:18:36 AM Z
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Now it's quite a lot of traffic about VDB, so I can add my 2 cents.

I can report about my succesful toning VDB with selenium toner (KRST)
BEFORE! fixing.

The trick is to use very dilute toner (Christian Nze said in one of his
posts 1:200). I use 2 ml ready made toner (1+19!!!) to 200 ml water. Soon
picture begins to change it's color from yellow-orange brown to more dark
purple brown. Then I stop toning (usually between 3-5 min). If the
concentration is bigger, you will get serious bleaching of the image. I use
toner one-shot.
After a minute or two of washing I fix for 2 minutes in 5 % hypo following
with final wash for 1 hour. In hypo picure bleaches a little, but after
drying this loss of density is back, and the color changes again to lovely
chestnut brown.
Contrast and D-max rises a little (sorry I have no densitometer to

If anyone is interested to see the results I will try to add some samples to
the web page.

Greetings from Slovenia
Stane Kocar

See my gallery (sorry not toned VDB yet)
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