RE: P.S. RE: fixing salt prints

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Date: 10/16/05-10:02:53 AM Z
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Liam, it is over the whole print, but most immediately noticible in the masked area because it is solid; it appears to be a bit worse this morning. I just dunked a print in water and the gray stain is still there (after three minutes in the water) so I am suspecting fixing and clearing are the issues here.

Thanks again!

Judy Rowe Taylor
Mukilteo, WA
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> Judy,
> Another thought: Do you have general staining over the image, or is it just
> a dark border?  In which case, maybe your masking material isn't completely
> opaque to UV.  Dry-down can be considerable on art papers, so maybe the
> stain just isn't noticeable on a wet print.  Does it disappear if you re-wet
> it?
> Liam
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