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> I'm here and coming out of lurking mode for the moment.
> I have recently acquired a 5x7 Devin Tri-Color camera with
> the intention of making separations for Tri-Color Carbon
> prints. The camera came without an operation/instruction
> manual. Does anyone on the list happen to have one and be
> willing to make a copy? Or better yet an extra one that
> could be parted with? I'm finding these manuals are more
> difficult to find than hens teeth.<g> Any
> help would be greatly appreciated. Naturally compensation
> will be arranged.
> Thank you,
> John Roseborough

   Have you tried John Craig? If not try him. He often has stuff which is not
on his on-line catalogue.
   Also, does the camera have any patent numbers on it? If
so see what's in them.
   There were four or five makers of one shot cameras in the
USA, Devin, McGraw, National Photocolor, and Thomas S.
Curtis, (I think I am forgetting one). They were used mainly
for high end advertising photography for years.
   There is a pretty good section on one shot cameras in
Joseph Friedman's book on three color photography.

Richard Knoppow
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