chromoskedasic sabattier

From: Christina Z. Anderson ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 10/14/05-07:52:52 AM Z
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Good morning all!
My alt darkroom will be set up this weekend, had great sabattier gang labs
at the university with all 24 students getting successful sabattiers, life
is good...

I had such good luck with a couple sabattier methods this time around: one
was the duotone sabattier where the redeveloper is laced with a liberal dose
of potassium bromide. The other was the Jolly chromoskedasic sabattier, a
chemical form of the process.

My question is this: I ran out of the SII and the S30 activator/stabilizer
chemistry, and now if I want to order more of it, I have to do so in 2 1/2
gallon amounts! This is a bit pricey and would last too many years; anyone
know what are the chems in those solutions so I could mix my own? I think
not too long ago someone did say something to this effect, Ryuji or Richard,
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