Re: expiration dates on film boxes

From: SteveS ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 10/13/05-01:06:43 PM Z
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> find that when you go down the path of tube processing you start to walk a
> fine line in negative quality. When you work with small amounts of
> developer
> you run into problems.
> Make sure your chemistry is fresh and dump after use. Please scan a
> negative
> and pm it to me
> Jan Pietrzak
Riiiight! Tube processing! Make sure you have one ounce of developer per
10 sq inches of film in the tube.

It's not the film. I've developed film after two years in a dark box. If
it's not the exposure, it's your chemistry.

Mixture, formula, quantity, temperature, time . . . one of those is off.

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