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Date: 10/13/05-11:07:55 AM Z
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1.5 is what I measure (after dry down) with Vuescan and a scanner (turn on
the "Prefs|Enable Density Display" option, hold the control key and hover
over a dark area of the print).

There's your problem. Vuescan in my experience doesn't give as reliable
readings as a densitometer. I think if you measured your densities with a
densitometer and compared them to what you are getting with Vuescan you
would see some troubling inconsistencies.

 For comparison I can easily get to 2.0 +/-
when I check the density of a 100 per cent black square printed on Premium
Glossy Photo Paper.

Again that figure sounds a bit off. I believe Paul Roark of mono digital
printing fame reports something around 1.6 to maybe 1.7.

I usually get around 17 steps on my stouffer tablet with
my VDB mix as well.

That contrast range sounds plausible but I've never seen that with 1 coat.

Don Bryant
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