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To expand upon your observation, even in the days prior to the pixel
revolution, I had at various times bought silver bromide papers and film n
local NYC shops (especially near the ICP when it resided on 94th Street)
with problems ranging from bootlegged film to fogged papers. I doubt if the
storage and care at EK and the large suppliers present a problem even today
with reduced demand. It's no different with groceries at the corner bedago.

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Just my $0.02 bit there's a chance that you're witnessing one symptom of
what I've come to call "the end of the silver empire." It seems that
with declining use, some of our AG-based materials are lingering in hot
warehouses longer than they used to. I noticed this for the first time
in July when teaching in NYC; the students were getting varying silver
print densities and contrast from the same paper, but different batches.
No doubt platinum materials displayed some of the same inconsistencies
when the process was displaced (for the most part) by the silver print.

Dealing with trusted distributors who have high volume (Freestyle, etc.)
might be a good idea.

Best of luck getting back on track!


Shannon Stoney wrote on 10/13/05, 10:56 AM:

> there could be any number of other things going on too. But I think
> I have eliminated all the other possible variables.

For a sad laugh (some would call it frightening), see the following:
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