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If this film is the new emulsion than you may have a development problem.
Kodak changed the development times for the new film emulsions or it might
just be those film gremlins again.

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Subject: [inconsistent results with TXP

Hi, I have been shooting TXP for some time in the 4x5 format. I have
tested it and I use the BTZS system to expose and develop it. I shot
about 75 exposures over the summer and I'm just now processing it.

Most of the film seems underexposed and underdeveloped. I can
probably print it, but it will be tricky. I don't understand this,
because some film that I shot just last week is perfect.

I have two theories about why this might be happening:

1) maybe the film I used over the summer was old. I can't remember if
I used some that had been stored for a while or what. If the film was
a year or so old, would that make it less responsive to exposure and

2) Maybe if film sits around waiting to be processed for several
months, it loses responsiveness to chemistry? (I have not found this
to be particularly true in the past however.)

3) Maybe I consistently metered wrong, or the meter was messed up.
But I just had the meter checked and it was fine. Also it was fine
when I used it for the batch of film I shot and processed last week.

there could be any number of other things going on too. But I think
I have eliminated all the other possible variables.

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