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Date: 10/13/05-05:53:23 AM Z
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Good to know that others experience is the same as mine...

Interesting, almost every source says Vandyke emulsion shouldn't be used
right after mixing because it needs some ripening time. Once, one of my
students had used freshly mixed Vandyke emulsion and the image was
washed off completely in the development stage. The same emulsion worked
fine few days later...


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I always double coat VDB, bur a friend of mine reports that mixing a+b
with c just before coating, you can use only one coat. I never tried.
ciao f

> Loris,
> When I did VDB (I now prefer Kallitype, more steps but much more
> flexible, good contrast control is possible) I also double coated to
> obtain acceptable Dmax,
> Best,
> Cor
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