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Date: 10/12/05-06:37:27 AM Z
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Hi David, I don't think heat of summer will make your sensitizer going
bad (for a chemical which melting poing is 398C). I have pot. di. and
amm. di. mixed 1,5 year ago which I store in an environment that goes
over 30C temperature from time to time - no ill effects untill now.

Most probably yours gone bad because it wasn't made with distilled water
(!?) and/or it was contaminated somehow and/or it was exposed to UV
light (dark browny reminds me the color of exposed gum emulsion).


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Hi Scott,

I had a similar problem with Potted Dich. Same circumstances (brown
bottle etc..). My sensitiser became almost useless and a very dark
browny colour. I think in my case it was the heat of the summer causing
decomposition not light. Mixed some new and 'voila' no further problems.


David H.
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