Re: my first van dyke!!

From: Sandy King ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 10/10/05-07:54:00 PM Z
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I give a big thumbs up to Dan's suggestion to use Mylar between the
negative and sensitized paper. I have ruined more than one nice
negative by not doing so.

What is Hobby Lobby?


>If you want to protect your neg you might try some 0.002" Mylar between
>the neg and paper. I do this for pt/pd when the paper is very
>humidified. The 0.002" isn't thick enough to soften the image (at least
>it doesn't with a fairly collimated source) but is easier to handle than
>the 0.001".
>I get the Mylar in rolls at Hobby Lobby but I'm sure there are lots of
>other art stores and such that carry it.
>Hope this helps!
>Eric Maquiling wrote on 10/10/05, 6:19 PM:
> > I noticed some of the brown emulsion
> > stuck to the neg.
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