Re: my first van dyke!!

From: Eric Maquiling ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 10/10/05-06:14:30 PM Z
Message-id: <>

On 10/10 16:58, George L Smyth wrote:
> Eric -
> Just guessing, but your paper may have still been wet when you put the two
> together.

Looks like that was it. I blow dried one and the neg came out fine. However,
it seemed that my 2 coats of VDB didn't overlap all the way so half the image
came out and the other half was within the single coat.

Its kinda hard to coat the paper in subdued light or red safelight. Any good
tips on how to do that? I see I'll just have to blow dry my paper as soon as I
coat them.

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