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I use Knox unflavored gelatine and formaldehyde with great results. I'd
certainly recommend it for gum printing.

Dave in Wyoming

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Subject: getting sizing materials

> Hey there all...been lurking too long without any
> participation. I've recently taken some pics I want
> to go to gum and cyanotype and want to do it right
> this time. I want to do a gelatin size as I've seen
> described but have a little trouble. I live in Egypt
> and obtaining materials is a little bit of a different
> story than it would be in the States, UK, or Canada.
> The hardener would be no trouble at all to
> obtain...heck, I could probably have formaldehyde
> delivered to my door if I looked into it. But the
> gelatin seems to be a problem. I can get all kinds of
> fruit flavors, but can't find anything like Knox...and
> something tells me that's not what I want either. I
> have fantastic scientific chemical resources and need
> to know what to ask for. Also, I've been reading a
> variety of posts with different formulae and am
> interested in finding a good one for Fabriano Gentile.
> Cheers! Trevor Cunningham
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