RE: Technical Grade Muriatic Acid

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Date: 10/07/05-12:35:37 PM Z
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> The page on HCL says it's a gas in the pure state and its
>solubility is 62gr in 100mL water. So, the ~31% variant is actually half
>strength HCl, not concentrated (62%) HCl.

Actually, 62g in 100ml isn't 62/100 or 62% -- it is 62/162 or 38.27%,
assuming that 1 ml of water = 1 g, which is not quite true -- the
solubility figure is not likely given at the standard temperature.

Concentrated HCl is generally in the 38% neighborhood, but is "fuming" at
that concentration (i.e., gives off HCl gas, which is very corrosive).
Fuming is greatly reduced under 34%, which is why hardware-store Muriatic
Acid is 31.45%. The HCl of commerce (i.e., that which is used
industrially) is likewise usually around 32%.

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