Re: Blue-Black Cyanotype & Luster

From: Kai Hamann ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 10/05/05-08:40:34 AM Z
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Hi Judy,

> Completely bleach blue print in 2 grams silver nitrate dissolved in 1
> liter water, which takes about 25 min. Wash print until all soluble
> silver-salt is removed, then redevelop in an oxalate of iron developer.
> (that's probably why I didn't try it, didn't have the developer.) "The
> print comes out black and resembles a platinum print." (!!!)

This should work if one can trust Eder -- I do :-) According to him this is the W. Lagrange method which he dates to 1887 (only difference is that the quoted concentration of the silver nitrate is 1% to 2%). A related footnote in my 1929 Eder IV/4 says "Photogr. Wochenblatt 1887 -- The Lagrange method was later often reprinted without naming the original source (e.g. Phot. Korresp. 1897, p. 506 and Phot. News. 1897, p. 206). Lumière et Jougla-Agenda 1924."

BTW: PF (esp. issue 5 and the "on toning Cyanotypes" article in issue 7) is a wonderful source for cyanotypers and I sometimes start the day reading in them and looking for sub-clauses with hidden information. It´s very unfortunate that you stopped issuing PF but may it be as it is. Just my 2c.

  Kai Hamann
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