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Before you go and try mop n' glo, let me tell ya, get the brand name correct

It is Future floor does improve the dmax but it will also, since
it is a high pH, turn your wonderfully blue cyanotype lovely lavender, for a
period of time anyway...but it does smell mighty nice.

So I might suggest instead anything that is the same type substance--what is
it, an aqueous dispersible polymer or something? And I think that there is
an equiv product in the Golden line if I remember, so google Golden on the
alt list (plus shine or some such other word) within the last several years
and you'll come up with some handy info. Sandy, too, I think, found that
dmax improved with something, perhaps Dorland's Wax Medium, as opposed to a
layer of dichromated albumen (good) or dichromated gum (good, too).
PS I have TONS of recipes for varnishes for prints and negs from the 1800's
and 1900's, no soehnee, the magic stuff, but lots of others, and I am trying
my darnednest (sp?) to get them all together on one handy handout. If not
now, then by next semester for sure, at which time I will post.

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> Kris,
> I do plan to try the gallic acid and tannic acid techniques mentioned in
> in
> PF and other sources. I'll post the test prints.
> Mop N Glo you say. Hmm, better check that out.
> Mark
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> wasn't there something about Mop n Glo and improving cyanotype dmax a
> while ago?
> & i think i've read that gallic acid may tone a cyano into blacks--if
> you go for it, i'd love to see the results
> kris
> D. Mark Andrews wrote:
>> Trying this message once again. Can it be that this list can generate
>> over
>> 100 messages a day when flailing on a colleague, but nothing for toning
>> cyanotypes :-)
>> I'm trying to achieve a particular look with some cyanotypes I'm working
> on
>> and was wondering if anyone on the list can offer some assistance:
>> #1: I would like my final prints to be a very dark blue-black, similar to
>> platinum over cyanotope. I would rather not deal with the platinum step
>> so
>> was wondering if there were any other options. I found some recipes for a
>> Black toner in both PF and James' Book of Alternative Photographic
>> Processes, but can't find any examples to judge whether it is the look
>> I'm
>> after. Is it possible to achieve a deep blue-black with a black toner?
>> #2: I would also like to get a luster on my final image. Has anyone tried
>> waxing or using any other substance to bring a sheen to a cyanotype?
>> For reference, I'm getting great results (deep blue, good D-Max) using
>> the
>> traditional formula at 2 parts A to 1 part B.
>> Mark
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