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Date: 10/04/05-02:07:46 PM Z
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Op 4 okt 2005 om 10:34 heeft Katharine Thayer het volgende geschreven:

> Well, I was going to suggest straight gum, but was afraid of being beat
> up for my trouble; Henk is braver than I.

But the best method would be an oil-print. There you could reach both
goals : dark-blue and a real luster possibility and as an extra:
permanence. The permanence of toned cyano was often discussed in the
past on the list, what I remember it was often mentioned that the color
changes after some time.
Coming back to oil-printing: if you have a big negative (like the one
used for cyano) you just need some dichromate , some gelatine , a cheap
foambrayer and some litho-ink. Believe me, you would be astonished
about the proces and the results.
I added an article 'how to'. Give it a try .
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