if I consider using glut...many questions!

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Dear List, First thank you so much for all of the
generous advise that all of you had given me, it had
help me so much!
Now I have many questions about glut, I am sure that
this subject has been covered before with the
simplicity that I need, and now it seems to me that
the list is discussing glut in a way that is too
advance for me. I think I need very simple answers to
my questions. I know that some of you are very
experienced on using glut and that you find it a
better hardener than glyoxal. I like glyoxal, but
would like to compare before I commit myself to
anything...but I have to say that I feel VERY
intimidated by glut, which is probably why I would
like to give a try.
So here it goes:
First, where do you buy it?
How do you mix it?
Do you brush or immersed the paper in this solution?
If you brush it, do you combine with gelatin and then
If combined with gelatin, which is the ratio of glut
to gelatin?
Do you use a foam brush to apply the glut?
 I use 28gr of gelatin per liter of water; do you use
the same ratio for glut?
How dangerous is this chemical to use?
I am coating 22x30" paper.

Thank you so much for all of your help.

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