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Where is your studio Mark?
I leave for Nevada with my class this friday and return the 15th.
Will try to come by.

On Oct 4, 2005, at 7:03 AM, D. Mark Andrews wrote:

> Recipes, wax suggestions, and a pithy ditty to boot. It was worth
> the wait!
> Thanks Jack. Hope you are out and about for open studios this month.
> Mark
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> Flail, flail, flail, flagellate, whip.
> Just take your cyano print and dip, dip, dip.
> Then if it aint right, wail, wail, wail.
> And sip a little nip, nip, nip.
> I've had, Mark, a decent black tone from the below formula numero uno.
> But, that was on cloth.
> That was also a long time ago.
> It is still quite black but rather flat in tone.
> I'm not Mr. Prussian Blue and cannot say these formulae are true.
> My assumption one's results will vary due to the water quality so
> I'd work
> with distilled H2O for constancy to be the arbiter.
> Then, that nuanced tonal quality you desire.
> Methinks that dark blue to a black might be best achieved with a
> very good paper.
> What about a Crane's surface that has some tooth but nearly hot
> pressed?
> Hey, is Joe Portale still on this list?
> Luster?
> Here's a few ideas.
> Coat it.
> You are in the SF Bay Area.
> EximVaios sells a water based UV protection CR24 matte.
> $65/gallon unfortunately.
> Laminate.
> Charlie Berger has a brand new laminate for digital imaging.
> It looks like the Emperor's new clothes: invisible.
> But it'll add a luster.
> It's called Ultrastable Photo/Art Protection Film.
> Wax.
> There's a lovely English wax called Renaissance.
> It's used to protect ivory, leather etc. and imparts a low sheen.
> Used by Martha Stewart.
> 1 oz $7 7 pz $26
> Brown-Black Toner for Cyanotype (1)
> Solution A
> 1 teaspoon tannic acid in one liter of water.
> Solution B
> 2 teaspoons of sodium carbonate in one liter of water.
> Immerse print dry or presoaked, but not just right out of wash
> water from being made, into solution A for about two minutes.
> Wash in clear water for about a minute.
> Immerse in solution B for less than a minute and rinse again.
> Put the print in solution A again and watch carefuly. Remove it
> BEFORE it gets to the color you want.
> Wash.
> Brown-Black Toner for Cyanotype (2)
> Place dry print in Ammonia solution ( 12.6 ml per liter)
> When bleached, place in Tannic Acid bath (23 gm per liter of water)
> Wash
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