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Hi Scott & Galina,

I always thought that Blue Vandykes are actually Vandyke over Cyanotype
(that's how I do). I do it as described in Christopher James book: I
overexpose (by 1/2 to 1 stop), the Cyanotype after it gets dry (and
cures) I coat 1:1 diluted (with distilled water) fresh Vandyke solution
over it. Vandyke exposure should be done by slightly unregistering the
negative (for more interesting effects). I guess this way you can omit
the gelatin sizing over Cyanotype + won't have to struggle to get the
bleaching effect just right.

Can you please comment?


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I have worked a lot with cyanotype on top of van dyke, experimenting
with different types of sizing in between the two.

If you use gelatin and harden it, cyanotype would not bleach vandyke.

However, I liked some bleaching and often overexposed van dyke, so
sized with just a very thin layer of gelatin and allowed the image to
get bleached a bit by cyanotype.

Difficult to have control over this bleaching, so one has to be
willing to chose one good out of three unfortunate prints.

Regards to all,


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On Aug 12, 2005, at 9:01 PM, Weber, Scott wrote:

> Does anyone have advice for combining cyanotypes and van dyke
> printing? I
> have seen a few examples and like the combination of colors. I
> tried a few
> the other day and found that the cyan on top of the vdb bleaches
> out the
> brown image. Any help is appreciated.
> Thanks,
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