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Memory card?! Is that the thing you have for your phone number and address?
Where did I last see mine?

Memory card.

I guess Jerry didn't show you the Latest of cameras. One is AA for Ansel
Adams, the button to duplicate his shots; and there's the EW button for
Edward Weston. You can get custom buttons, too. Pick your icon . . . oh
year, there was this memory, card . . .

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> >In 1988, Jerry Uelsmann was teaching a workshop in Yosemite. At that
>>time, he was shooting with a Bronica SQx camera. A student asked him how
>> he metered a scene. Jerry paused, thought for a moment, then pointed
>>to the shutter speed dial on the Bronica. "See the Green "A," he asked.
>>Yes, he was shooting in Auto Mode.
> That's a good story. I just took one of my younger cameras, a Canon, to
> get repaired. I think it's from the seventies. I picked it up yesterday.
> Mike, the camera fixing wizard, pointed out the Green A on it! He also
> showed me how to use it. What a concept! I am going to try it today.
> Now, what about that auto focus thing I've heard so much about? And
> something called memory cards?
> --shannon
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