Re: Using Gluteraldahyde; was: Glutaraldahyde activation?

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Date: 10/02/05-04:41:21 AM Z
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This discussion has gone on by, but I've been mostly away from the
computer for the last 10 days or so and am just now catching up with the
mail, sorry.....

Ryuji Suzuki wrote:
> From: Katharine Thayer <>
> Subject: Re: Using Gluteraldahyde; was: Glutaraldahyde activation?
> Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2005 06:05:47 +0000
> > I still rather suspect that my lousy results with glutaraldehyde as
> > a size were because I used too much (.04%, or 2.7X Chris's), but I
> > also used different papers (my glutaraldehyde experiments were on
> > Lana and Fabriano Uno papers) so it's impossible to draw any
> > inferences from the difference between my results and yours and
> > Chris's. It will be interesting to see your results on BFK.
> Quantity can be a big factor. Another difference I see is that you
> used glut made for fixing tissues for EM specimen. Those glut taht
> come in ampules are probably not acidified.

I think that's probably true; at least the information on the containers
doesn't indicate any acidification. I wonder if the glut that's sold as
wart remover, that someone here is using successfully for a gum size, is
acidified or not?

MaxiCide is acidified, and
> mine is also acidified with greater titratable acid content (buffered
> in a broad sense).
> Another possible difference I see is that, as I recall, you added 8%
> solution without diluting. I'd add more dilute solution with vigorous
> stirring.

Just to make sure I understand this, you're suggesting that the 8%
should be diluted before being added to the gelatin solution, yes? I'm
probably never going to try this, because the stuff scares the heck out
of me, but just want to understand what you're saying.
> Another possible difference is gelatin.

Mmm, maybe, but I thought Don and Chris and I all use Knox. I could be
wrong about that of course. There's a slight difference in
concentration: I mix mine at 3.5% (1 package in 200 ml solution) rather
than 2.8%.
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