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I have flown several times domestic and international with lots of camera gear.

First of all get to the airport extra early at least 30 minutes to an
1 hour on top of what you normally do.

According to the TSA photographers may bring and extra carry on bag.

If you happen to be a NANPA member they have a specific and detailed
letter for download in their members area (I am not currently a
member else I would download it for you) . My understanding is that it
is still up to the airline on the extra bag. I would bring a printed
copy of the website or better the detailed letter (sorry a quick look
at my hard drive did not find it) if you have the extra bag. Bring a
vest or coat with lots of pockets That way if they make you check the
extra bag carry on you can put bodies and lens in the coat or vest.

They say everything under 800 is OK. Xray exposure is cumulative
(anyone know what xray reciprocity failure is :-) so that means 3
times through with ISO 100 is at the stated danger point. So have them
hand inspect unless you plan to meticulously track air travel segments
for your film.

Film - how you have it packed makes a BIG DIFFERENCE in how long the
hand inspection takes. For instance in the case of 35 mm if you have
the film in the canister and in a zip lock my experience is that they
open and swab each roll in each canister. If you have the rolls out of
the canister in a big zip lock they just do one swab in each zip lock.
In the case of roll film I would take all the film out of boxes and
place in zip locks (you can put the boxes in your checked bags for
later use).

Tropod - I don't know if they would alow you to carry one on. When I
looked into it seemed pretty sketchy. Since I use a large gitzo with a
ball head I have never tried. What I do is I have a large duffle I
put my tripod (hiking poles usually as well) in it wrapped in a coat.
Then I put a smaller duffle (or backpack) in with it.

This gear has always faired well, it is often hand checked (they leave
a note) but I have had no issues. Perhaps it is in part becuase it
looks like a ski bums or soldiers bag. I don't know If I would put any
gear in snazzy expensive luggae to be checked. I know am screwed if
they lose it though because replacing the tripod is likely more than
the per bag limit.

My .02

Doug King

On 9/30/05, Barry Kleider <> wrote:
> Greetings listers!
> I'm going to be doing some shooting in southern New Mexico at the end of
> next month.
> I'll be flying in and bringing a (relatively) small kit containing
> Hasselblad body
> three lenses
> hand-held flash units
> tripod
> misc goodies
> I have a couple questions:
> 1.) any recommendations for not-to-be-missed places (in an effort to cut
> down on the traffic, email me off list at and I'll
> compile the suggestions. Including GPS locater info if you have it.)
> 2.) Suggestions for how to carry/protect gear in transit. (I'm thinking
> about airport security, etc. these days.)
> It goes without saying (doesn't it?) that I'll:
> a.) use a lead bag for film and have it all hand-checked.
> b.) murder anyone who suggests I stow my gear with the rest of the checked
> bags
> c.) get to the airport more than ten minutes before the plane takes off.
> I'm thinking of buying a pistol carrying case and cutting out the foam to
> match my kit as these are a bit cheaper (and just as waterproof) as Pelican
> cases.
> How do you get your gear around these days?
> Barry
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