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I know what a ball is. What is a bitz and a Shap?
On Oct 1, 2005, at 12:48 AM, SteveS wrote:

> _ snip, snip -
>> The ability to print down till there is no white in sight and get
>> a stunning print that has an intense feeling of light sometimes
>> makes me think I should specialize in working with very thin
>> negs. Yet the beauty of the intense black on stark white paper
>> with a long gradation of greys somewhere in the print makes me
>> think I should be certain to have enough density and contrast to
>> fully print a paper without much restrainer and retain some near
>> blank white. In truth I think I personally am better off always
>> working with a sense of technical experiment and taking some of my
>> own control out. And then there is the fact that I forever have
>> my bellows racked out and my exposures in the minutes and
>> reciprocity calling in sick for the day and it all becomes a
>> exercise in intuition.
>> Dennis
> We're talking about an 'alt-silver' now. This means chemical
> alternatives. Using a restrainer like Benzotriazole brings out
> extreme whites with intense shadows and detail. I have a powder
> available through the Photographers' Formulary called "Shap's Bal.
> Bitz" which is an aid for just what you experiment to get. Brett
> Weston's 'secret' was Dupont's BB, which is EXACTLY what Shap's
> Bal. Bitz is, in fact.
> S. Shapiro, Carmel, CA
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