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Sat Oct 1 00:00:00 CST 2005
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This is a monthly reminder note for the
mailing list. It contains all the little details that everyone tends to

The purpose of the mailing list is the
discussion of alternative photographic processing techniques. All
messages sent to this list should be related to alternative printing

This mailing list is hosted by the University of Saskatchewan as a
public service to the academic community.

This is a free service, as such there is no waranty or contract.
I manage the list at my own discression reflecting the needs and
standards of the alt-photo-process list community.

All messages sent through the list are archived and available to
the general public. If you do not wish to have your views and email
address made public, do not post messages to this list.

The list of subscribers and their email addresses are kept confidential.


There is only one rule for this mailing list. Everyone must be treated
with respect. The list relies upon the willingness of its participants
to share information. I expect everyone to treat all members of the list in a
respectful manner. Personal attacks or "flames" will not be tolerated.
Profanity is not acceptable. Its use will get one banned from the list.


A small group of list members have volunteered to "mind" the list. They
are responsible for making sure that everyone behaves appropriately. If
you are concerned about something that was said or done, please contact
myself or one of the minders. It is best not to complain about list
members behaviour on the list. It usually more effective to solve
problems quietly off the list. If you are unhappy with anything happening
on this list please contact me:

Gord Holtslander (list manager) or one of the

The minders are:

Bob Schramm
Dave Soemarko
Sandy King



Messages sent to you via the alt-photo-process list are set up to "behave"
differently from messages sent to you by an individual.

When you "reply" (using your email program's reply feature) to messages
you receive from the alt-photo-process mailing list it will automatically
be directed back to the mailing list and NOT to the person who sent the
message. The list program creates a replyto:
line in the mail message header. This tells your email program to send
the message back to the list rather than the person who originally sent
the message.

If you want to send a private message back to someone who sent a message
through the list by replying, you must change the address from to something else. Be sure to check which
address it is directed at. I can't give specific instructions, each
email program works differently. There have been many private emails
sent to the list.



Attachments are not welcome on this list. They are large. They usually
can only be accessed with a specific program. A significant portion of the
list is unable to use attachments. Please do not send attachments to
the list. All email to the list should be send as plain text. This is
the one and only standard used by all computers and all email

Some email programs by default send email messages as attachments,
Micro$oft's Outlook Express and Netscape's Communicator are often set up
to send all email messages as two attachments, one in plain text (ascii)
and one in html (www format). If you use these programs please change
your setting so that your messages will be sent as plain text.

Attachments are files that are attached to an email message. The email
system is designed to send messages using standard ASCII character set.
Attachments are a way of sending a content that uses characters outside of
the ascii standard.


There are many computer viruses that are spread via email.

The University of Saskatchewan uses a virus filter program on its mail servers that
should prevent any viruses from being sent through this list. However this is not
guaranteed to work in all cases. All users of this list should have a good
anti-virus program installed on their computer.


There are always a number of hoaxes traversing the net, where one is urged
to email an urgent warning message concerning some catastrophic new virus,
government policy, etc to everyone you know.... These are almost always
hoaxes. Do not send copies of these to the list, even if you are sure it
is legitimate.


Do not send unsubscribe messages to the list.
To unsubscribe from this list send a message to this address:

with the message

    unsubscribe alt-photo-process-l
Please note the last character is the letter "L" not the number "one"

If this does not work the mailserv program will send you an error
message. If you can not unsubscribe yourself please contact me

To subscribe to the alt-photo-process mailing list send a message to the

with the message

    subscribe alt-photo-process-l
Please note the last character is the letter "L" not the number "one"



All the messages sent to this list have been saved in an archive. They
are available in two ways:

A browseable index on a web site at:

There is "web mirror" of the current months messages at:

Gord Holtslander
List Manager
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