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Date: 11/30/05-08:07:24 AM Z
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>>> 11/30/05 12:00 AM >>>
>>How bout using the term Exposure Scale for the number of steps the

Mark Nelson<<

Obviously there is a difference between refective and transmissive
densities, separating (sic) pigment strengths/degrees of shading or tint
(or whatever you'd like to call that) from the concept of stops/steps of
exposure and/or exposure scale.
In order us to all be on the same page, the terms need precise working
definitions.  How do you define "exposure scale" in your PDN System or
in traditional processes?  What criteria are used?  What are the limits?
 Do you consider "exposure scale" to be equal to the "negative density
range" (which IMO is a problematic description based on varying
definitions by different authors), maximum to minimum transmissive
density printed, 90% of d-max to some minimum density above paper white,
or ???
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