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Date: 11/28/05-07:57:52 PM Z
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Have had similar experience just this minute. What is going on here?

Christopher Wright/

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>Hi Eric,
>I was just now sitting down to check my email and while doing so,
>suddenly a torrent of email from the alt photo list began to pour
>in.... about 30 posts in a couple of minutes-some repeats, some not.
>I thought my hard drive was going to explode...but it didn't. They
>have stopped now.... I'm sitting here very quietly now, not making a
>move, to see if the onslaught is over..... I may hang a wreath of
>garlic over my monitor....
>Mark Nelson
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>>Yes, some senders are showing up late or not at all, but the
>>comments have made it to others because they are responding. Hours
>>later or the next day the first post might show up. I thought maybe
>>it was my spam filter but now I feel better.
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