Re: How to apply curves in PS for digital negatives...

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Date: 11/28/05-03:55:28 PM Z
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Hello Yves,

> I don't have Dan's book but one thing is for sure, there are so many variables in play from the original to the final print that I would be very surprised if you could use someone else curve just like that. <

Unfortunately I only took a fast look in Danīs book at a workshop and am not familiar with Markīs method. But you are absolutely correct. There are a lot of variables and working constantly is a must to make prints reproducible. To take a curve from someone and trying to make prints similar to those of the curve originator is very difficult if not impossible without copying the whole process 1/1.

And yes, specific color spaces for a better control can be made. Have put a curve, preview and print example on and would really like to know if this kind of workflow makes sense for the forum members. Then it maybe justified to write a bocklet and provide the software needed.

All the best
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