Re: How to apply curves in PS for digital negatives...

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Date: 11/28/05-01:11:13 PM Z
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> Just remember that 'how the curves look' is completely immaterial. The
> point
> of the curve is to map the values on screen to appropriate densities
> on the
> output negative. Printers and printer drivers can all do different
> things. For
> instance, a particular printer/driver combo might create more contrast
> than is
> desireable in the shadowed areas of the image, thus requiring a curve
> to 'reduce' the contrast on screen so that it gets mapped correctly to
> your
> output substrate. Or the reverse could be true. It all depends on how
> the
> particular printer/driver pair do their business.
> No one can look at the curve alone and declare authoritatively that it
> is crap
> without knowing the printer, the printer driver, the inkset, the output
> substrate and the printing processs being used.

Well said,
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