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Date: 11/28/05-11:58:14 AM Z
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Tom Ferguson wrote:


> The best plan (by far) would be to shoot and test BEFORE a big trip!

In an ideal world... But with a seven month old and a wife who runs a
business from home, there's no room or time to do anything. Dunno when
I'll get a chance to process what I take; In October I ended up having
to send off ten rolls of Fiji Neopan I took last December (Christmas
party again) as I just didn't have the time to process them.

Looking forward to the trip and finally getting some negs to use my
Cyanotype kit on.


"Lager is an imitation Continental beer drunk only by refined ladies,
  people with digestive ailments, tourists, and other weaklings."
                                            - Munchen Süddeutsche Zeitung
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