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I got an email from SNIP telling me that things were all ok now but when
I tried again I got bounced. C'est la viz.

Thanks for the advice. I got the lenses out today so here are the
details on the lens rim/shutter

1: C.P. Goerz AM. OPT. CO. then a gold dot (looks like a brass insert -
not paint anyway) , DAGOR 12 in F: 6.8 No. 813768. There is also a
narrow gold band around the front of the barrel. Rear element : 813768
Shutter Ilex No 4 Universal. F6.8 to 64, speeds 1,2,5,10,25,50,100,B,T.
Glass is greeeat and shutter works fine.

2.C.P. Goerz AM. OPT. CO.,W.A. DAGOR 6 1/2 in F:8 No. 777485.Rear
element : 777485. Shutter Ilex Acme synchro No.3. Glass greeeat shutter
works fine.

3.C.P. Goerz AM. OPT. CO. APOCHROMAT (then a red dot) ARTAR 19 in. F.11
NO. 795101. Rear Element 795101. Again great glass. Shutter is busted so
call it in barrel.

Camera is beautiful and little used, all black with brass fittings,
ground glass protector in f64 backpack. I also have 12 double film
holders. All with little use. All purchased by me personally in the USA
when I lived in CT.

Now I am in Turkey and conditions are a little different to Westport
:) hence the sale.

Let me know what you think.

Much obliged, and apologies to all for this blatant commercial intrusion.
Happy holidays

David H
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