x-ray film

From: John Cremati ^lt;johnjohnc@core.com>
Date: 11/25/05-09:10:36 PM Z
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Has anyone played around with x-ray film for alt purposes?
          I know nothing of x-Ray other than my friend was given a
military surplus x-ray machine by his father when he was a kid . He
x-rayed everything from his hands to the lawnmower engine. The images
are actually quite spectacular and would be interesting to print out
.......He probably has enough rads in him to glow in the dark...Needless to
say he got A+ in Science class.
      I imagine the film would respond to any high voltage source for a
aurora effect ........I also imagine that possibly there would be some
interesting applications for long exposure pinhole photography.....
Any thoughts on using this film with out a x- ray machine?
John Cremati
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