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I'm a lurker who buys and sells on eBay -- 568 positive feedback rating.
"Sell each item individually" is right. Large format (LF) items sell very
well on eBay. The LF market is very strong, probably because LF is the
least affected by digital. This is also the best time of year to sell --
Summer is the worst (but the best time to buy).

To determine the selling price of an item, just go to the eBay Home Page>
Advanced Search, and check the "Completed Listings" box. A search for
"Wista 4X5" will bring up several cameras (and some non-camera items) which
sold for $460 to $780, depending on the model and condition. Goerz Dagors
and Artar lenses always sell well, especially in shutters. You can also
sell film holders, dark cloths and other smaller items individually or in

Selling fees are described on this page:

Naturally, there are lots of tips and (ethical) strategies for getting the
best prices -- too many to write here -- but if anyone on this list wants to
buy or sell items, I'll be happy to advise them.


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> So, has anybody done much EBay business, lately?
> What do you actually get from a sale? What's it cost and what's it cost
> if it doens't sell?
> S. Shapiro
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>> Put all of it on ebay--one item per auction. Yes, sell the camera and
>> each
>> lens separatly. Make your minimum bid what you really would sell it for.
>> Charles Portland OR
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