Re: Slightly OT: large Format Camera

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Date: 11/24/05-03:21:46 PM Z
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Well, shoot, David, I'll send you a paypal for $1750 for that stuff
right now :-)

-Jeremy Moore

davidhatton wrote:

> Hi Steve,
> Thanks for the reply. I have the Wisner at the moment and I wish to go
> digital. I have lost my darkroom facility and live in an area where
> large format film development is very difficult. It would be much
> easier for me to go digital.
> The Wisner cost me around 4200 dollars and the other stuff (lenses
> etc.) maybe another 1500. I accept the limited market and a certain
> amount of depreciation so I sort of worked out what I thought was a
> reasonable price of around 1500 bucks or so worth of exchange. This
> would get me into digital pretty easily I think..And the Sony has a
> goodish lens etc..I don't really want to go too deep as I have a
> couple of other 35 mm camera systems (local 1hr. processor can do
> these films) and a nikon scanner already.
> Best Regards,
> David H
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