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Date: 11/24/05-10:46:35 AM Z
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On Nov 24, 2005, at 4:42 AM, MARTINM wrote:
> Being active in a somewhat different area ( mainly, I
> don't quite feel qualified to answer your question. I assume Kosar
> would be
> a good starting point. "Kosar" would imply not only his book but both
> the
> literature he quotes from and the patents he refers to.
> By the way I scanned the whole book to my computer (resulting in a
> slightly
> messed up pagination). So I might be in the position to send out the
> whole
> thing to those interested. That would be two multi-paged TIF files
> (5.8MB
> and 4.6MB large)...

Actually, the chapter on dichromated colloids is probably the only part
that would be useful to folks here.

I'm ambivalent about the copying and share Yves' concern about
copyright but at the same time, if the book has become so hard to
find that it has become for all intents and purposes unavailable to
most alt photo workers, then it sort of makes sense too. The book is 40
years old, so the copyright is still in effect. Does anyone know if
Kosar is still around; could he be contacted for permission to copy?
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