Re: Yellow pigments and Gum problem(s)

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Date: 11/24/05-09:23:06 AM Z
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On Nov 24, 2005, at 12:25 AM, roman sokoler wrote:

> Hi Katharine
> Yes these three pigments work well for me.
> I am more concerned about my choice of pigment could make it harder to
> do fine lines in yellow, but I don't read that this is your
> experience.

If you can't see perceptible tonal gradations in this yellow, I doubt
you could see fine lines in it any better, but in a tricolor it's not
usually the yellow layer that is responsible for expressing fine
details anyway. I'd be much more concerned about the fact that the
pigment seems incapable of giving any tonal range, (assuming you are
printing it at maximum saturation) which is why I answered, I suppose,
a different question than the one you asked.

> I always have to do a correction layer and to get the final print I
> want - but then again not everything needs to be perfectly color
> balanced - to quote
> Sam Wang .

Certainly; I say the same thing myself. The more interesting tricolors
are those that aren't printed in perfectly realistic color, IMO. That
you were calibrating individual curves for your three layers misled me
to think that perfect color balance was your goal.....
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